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What You Need To Know About Dry Hair Cutting
What Is A Dry Haircut?
Dry haircutting involves having your hair cut while it’s dry rather than wet, though your stylist may still wash and style it before beginning the trim. You should have confidence in your stylist when getting a dry cut since the technique is less about precision and more about your stylist’s taste.
The Benefits
This technique is especially helpful when working with curly hair since it allows the stylist to “be more precise and work with shapes better than when the hair is cut wet,” says hairstylist Kelly Carbajal. It’s also helpful for those who have extensive damage since the stylist can focus on removing split ends.
The Downsides
If you are looking for a precise haircut or a sleek, straight style like an A-line cut or a bob, then dry haircutting may not be best for you. It’s also important to ensure that your stylist has experience with dry cutting hair, or you run the risk of receiving a bad haircut and damage to your locks.
How To Prepare
Before you go to the salon, help your stylist out by coming in with photos of the look you want. You don’t necessarily need to prep your hair in terms of washing or styling before your appointment, but you should be honest with your stylist about your haircare routine so they can help you achieve the best results.
Tips For Healthy Hair
Along with adopting any tips your hairdresser gives you, there are a few other ways to take care of your hair between appointments. If you use heat on your locks, always use a heat protectant beforehand; also be sure to keep your hair hydrated using products like leave-in conditioner that are appropriate for your hair type.