What You Need To Know Before You Try To Cut Your Own Hair
Use The Right Scissors
Cutting your hair with professional haircutting scissors is easier and gets you great results — you can even find affordable pairs at the drugstore. Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons says that “The reason stylists use shears [...] is that the sharp, precise blades allow you to be much more exact,” so try them yourself at home.
Don’t Do It On A Whim
If you find a haircut you want to try at home, it’s best to sleep on the idea for a few nights to make sure you won’t regret it. Sometimes factors like stress lead to the desire to cut your hair since a quick change might make you feel better; needless to say, a haircut won’t solve your problems, so there’s no need to rush it.
Cut Less Than You Intend To
When cutting your hair at home, start with tiny trims, since as hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons says, “you can always trim more, [but] it is unfortunately not possible to put [hair] back once you’ve chopped.” Instead, take a strand and cut it to your desired length, and then replicate that with the rest of your hair.
Cutting Your Bangs Is Easy
Since the front of your hair is easily accessible, you actually have a high chance of success when cutting your bangs. “Hold a comb flat on top of your head. Turn sideways towards the mirror so you can see where your head starts to round in the front,” says hairstylist Michelle Fiona, “that is your starting point for your bang section.”
Cut Your Hair Dry
Before cutting your hair at home, dry it and style it how you’d like to wear it first. According to hairstylist Justine Marjan, this will help “avoid any surprises, like how much the hair will shrink up when it’s dry,” since hair tends to be much longer when it’s wet, especially for people with naturally wavy or curly hair.