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What Your Fourth House In Astrology Can Tell You About Yourself
Astrological houses make your birth chart unique and can reveal certain themes in your life. The fourth house, ruled by Cancer, represents themes of home, family, and maternity.
The concept of home can be divided into the physical home and the spiritual home. When it comes to your physical home, your fourth house placement can be surprisingly influential.
For example, people with harsh fourth house placements like Saturn might struggle with decorating, while emotional placements like the moon love making their home unique.
Things like a person's state of mind when thinking about home and their personal history of growing up in certain environments are part of the spiritual aspect of the fourth house.
A person with Saturn in their fourth house will have a hard time connecting with their family and creating a warm environment, and may have been raised by a
distant caregiver.
Those with maternal placements like the moon may have a deep connection to their heritage. An empty fourth chart may mean the theme of home is not of great importance in this life.