What Your Lips Can Tell You About Your Health
Swollen Lips
Swollen lips can be caused by an allergic reaction to something you’ve eaten, or a new lip product. Swelling of the lips is caused by inflammation or built-up fluid under the skin, and if you notice additional allergy symptoms like an itchy throat, seek medical attention.
Cracked Corners
The painful cracks at the corners of your mouth could be the result of low iron, zinc, vitamin B3, or vitamin B6. Saliva can also cause cracks and dryness around the mouth, and the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology says constantly licking the area to add moisture can worsen the issue, leading to infections.
Gray Or Pale Lips
If you've noticed that your lips are more pale than usual or are looking a bit gray, this may have to do with decreased blood flow. Possible causes could include health issues like anemia, blood loss, frostbite, low blood sugar, circulatory issues, certain chronic diseases, and some vitamin deficiencies.
Cold Sores
Cold sores are annoying but can be easily treated with a prescribed antiviral pill or cream and over-the-counter medications, but they also can go away on their own. Cold sores are very contagious and spread through close contact; like kissing or sharing utensils.
Rash Or Inflammation
Your lips can be affected by contact dermatitis, causing a reaction, typically a rash or inflammation. Things like stress, changes in hormones, and even your gut health can cause dermatitis; use products without fragrance and other irritating chemicals to keep flare-ups at bay.