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What Your
Star Sign Reveals About Your Health
Each sign of the zodiac rules a certain part of the body, so your star sign can reveal some fascinating insights about your health and what conditions you may be prone to through the study of medical astrology. Also known by the term Iatromathematics is a practice that can help illuminate the connection between the body, the mind, and the spirit.
Fire Signs
Leos are associated with the heart, blood, and back making them prone to heart arrhythmias and high blood pressure. Sagittarius rules the hips and the eyes, making them prone to accidents while “Aries may frequently experience headaches and migraines due to their hot-headed nature,” notes astrologist Lisa Stardust.
Air Signs
Aquarius rules the legs and circulation and should incorporate foods that support healthy circulation into their diets because they’re prone to varicose veins. Geminis rule the arms and nervous system but often find themselves run down due to overindulgence. Libra rules the adrenal glands and skin and should stay hydrated and avoid foods that are tough on the digestive tract.
Earth Signs
Capricorns rule the bones, teeth, and joints, and are therefore prone to breaks and fractures. Taurus is in charge of all things pertaining to the throat and ears making them vulnerable to thyroid issues, weight gain, ear infections, and sore throats. Virgo rules the digestive system and is “predisposed to food allergies, eating disorders, ulcers, and IBS," says astrologer Suzanne Gerber.
Water Signs
Meditation is key for Pisces (rulers of the feet and thalamus) due to their predisposition for debilitating worry. Cancer rules the breasts and stomach and their tendency to suppress can lead to unhealthy blockages and indigestion. Hydration is crucial for Scorpios as they rule the bladder and genitals and are subject to hormone imbalances and bladder infections.