Studio portrait of a young woman wearing a laser cap disguised as a baseball cap
What's A Laser Hair Cap And Do They Really Work?
A 2015 medical study revealed that approximately 40% of the female population experience female pattern hair loss by age 50. Luckily for those dealing with thinning hair and hair loss, a hair growth-stimulating device has been approved for home use: the laser hair cap. And the best part is that it can double up as an accessory.
What is it Exactly?
A laser hair cap is fundamentally a low-level laser therapy (LLLT) that, when worn over your head, emits red light directly to your scalp to encourage cell growth and regenerate hair follicles. These caps have earned FDA approval as a laser phototherapy device for the treatment of hair loss and stimulation of new, thicker hair growth.
Won’t Work for Everyone
LLLT has been shown to improve hair volume in various studies, with increased hair regrowth among patients with different degrees of baldness. However, those who have experienced baldness for many years might not find laser hair caps very helpful as the caps can only have effects on active follicles.