French manicured nails - isolated on white with nice shadows to make it more contrastedTrue professional manicure - absolutely flawless. Shot on location at the nail studio.
What's Nail Concealer And What Can It Do For You?
Nail concealer adds color to your nails and hides imperfections, giving you a flawless manicure. It acts as a regular concealer, camouflaging flaws rather than eliminating them.
The concealer repairs and prevents damage while also concealing flaws. It is perfect for those looking to heal their natural nails after harsh nail applications, like acrylics.
Apply nail concealer like you would any regular nail polish. You can add a top coat so it lasts longer, but this is optional, as concealers aren't likely to chip.
To maintain overall nail heath, keep them clean, dry, and free of ridges and imperfect edges. Nails also shouldn’t be bitten or used as a tool, as this can damage your nail beds.