What's The 5:1 Ratio In A Relationship?
Having arguments in a relationship is not uncommon, but it is how you and your other half interact during heated conversations that determine relationship satisfaction. To replicate what satisfied pairs do to maintain a healthy relationship, experts suggest driving for a 5:1 ratio.
The 5:1 method is to have at least five positive moments for every single negative one. Marriage therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw says the 5:1 ratio can act as a reminder to treat each other with love and respect, and you should ask yourself, “If I wrote down a list of our interactions today, would I be writing about more positive interactions than negative?”
Positive interactions include showing interest in each other’s feelings, holding hands, expressing appreciation, and apologizing, whereas negative interactions include criticizing each other, being defensive, or stonewalling. It’s generally a bad idea to bottle up your grievances, and there is nothing wrong with taking a time-out from an argument when feeling triggered.