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What's The Deal With Nootropics?
What Are Nootropics?
Nootropics come in natural and synthetic forms, and can enhance cognitive functions. Prescription nootropics are used to treat things like brain damage and age-related declines.
Non-prescription nootropics are popular among students and professionals for an instant boost in brain power. They’re well-tolerated and may need prolonged use to produce results.
Types Of Nootropics
Available by prescription and over-the-counter, nootropics can be categorized into three main types: prescription meds, synthetic compounds, and dietary supplements.
Prescription nootropics, like Adderal, help manage the symptoms of mental conditions like ADHD and dementia, while OTC synthetic nootropics improve focus, memory, and attention.
Dietary supplements, or natural nootropics, boast a range of positive effects like improving brain health. Caffeine, Omega-33s, and L-theanine are all natural nootropics.
Benefits Of Nootropics
Nootropics can enhance work productivity, memory, athletic performance, creativity, and reduce anxiety. Athletes can safely use natural nootropics, but not lab-made stimulants.
Studies have shown that specific nootropics like AlphaWave L-Theanine can boost alpha activity in the brain — which is linked to creativity — and generally relax the mind.