What's The Hybrid Hair Dye Trend?
If you’re looking to change your hair for the new year, you’re in luck because this trend is loved by everyone, including celebrities like Hailey Bieber. The hybrid hair dye trend can be customized to match your needs.
Hybrid hair color is a multi-dimensional look that features a full color all over the hair, with lighter-colored highlights mixed in. Jamie Mazzie, from NuBest Salon & Spa, says to ask for “an all-over color (or work with your own natural base) and soft balayage around the bottom. Then you will want your colorist to gloss it all over with the chosen tone.”
The hybrid hair dye trend has been everywhere we turn, even on household names like Kim Kardashian, as she recently rocked a honey-blond hybrid hair look on her Instagram. Furthermore, this trend is perhaps one of the most low-maintenance hair trends we've seen in years as you can extend the time between salon visits which will ultimately save you money.