Colorful nail polish bottles lined up
What's The Most Popular Nail Color Worldwide?
Per a report from Perfect Corp, black is the most popular nail polish color worldwide. No longer associated with punk styles, it is now considered a standard neutral shade.
Black can give you a sleek, clean finish, and you rarely have to worry about dirt or stains, making it an excellent, everyday, neutral nail polish shade.
With such a classy, sophisticated look, black nails can work for any aesthetic, making the dark, moody neutral the perfect staple color for a minimalist nail polish collection.
For an easy, everyday look, try shiny black polish on short or mid-length nails. If you want to mix it up, experiment with a matte finish on black polish.
Black polish goes well with most colors, but just be wary of neons, which make black feel less sophisticated. Deep navy blue and chocolate brown can also clash with black.