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Whelming: What To Know About The Gross Dating Trend
Whelming is the newest dating app lingo, and is when potential matches complain about feeling overwhelmed by the number of matches they get — basically, bragging.
Sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight says whelming is a way for someone to show off and to “[make] you feel you should be grateful that they're even engaging with you.”
It’s odd that someone would want to brag about this information to a potential match. Licensed therapist Moraya Seeger Degeare thinks “it’s this projection out of insecurity,”
“Instead of being vulnerable [...] they’re doing this insecure thing,” she adds. In this situation, the person seems unwilling to do the work required for a healthy relationship.
Some people participate in this trend for an ego boost, while others are genuinely overwhelmed. If that’s the case, learn to only match with people you actually want to get to know.