man and woman in argument in front of an open door
Where And How You Break Up With Someone Are Just As Important As Why
By Glam Staff
Never In Public
Regardless of why you want to dump your partner, remember that you need to grant them the dignity and respect to end things in a private, and personal manner.
As author Mark Manson writes, “Being in public makes people feel limited in what they can express,” so choose a private location where you are both able to feel your feelings.
No Emotional Support
It sounds counterintuitive, but if your ex-partner starts to cry or get emotional, don’t try to console them, comfort them, or say anything to make them feel better.
Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist Joanne Wilson explains that emotionally supporting your ex will only prolong your own healing and any attempt to move forward.
Don’t Post It
You might feel like posting on social media about a breakup, but you need to consider the privacy of your ex and not use their broken heart as an excuse for content and likes.
However, therapist and relationship coach Samantha Burns says that it's perfectly okay to unfriend your ex if that’s what you need to do to move on with your life.
Set Boundaries For Friendship
During a breakup, some people can go from best friends to absolute strangers, but you can still be friends in the future as long as you set clear boundaries.
Time and space are needed to heal from a breakup, and communicating where you're at emotionally and what you need going forward is important during this transition phase.