Woman with very long black hair, gently caressing her face.
White Eyeliner Is Way More Versatile Than You'd Expect
Although white eyeliner isn't a new product, most people still remain stumped when it comes to just how white liner is meant to be used and why it deserves a place in their makeup bag. Luckily, utilizing white liner isn't quite as difficult as it seems, and we have a list of ways in which you can incorporate it into your makeup routine.
Bold White Wing
For starters, the white liner can be used as a substitute for your usually preferred colored eyeliner. If you typically opt for a bold black wing, for example, draw yourself a white wing instead before adding black tight lining and mascara for a fuller look.
Simple Graphic Liner
You can use a liquid white liner to incorporate a simple graphic liner look with your usual eyeshadow, dark liner, and mascara. Just draw a simple curved line above your top lid and one below your bottom lid, connecting at a point just beyond your eyeliner wing.
With White Mascara
Try pairing your white pencil liner with white mascara for a frosty look. For best results, line your top and bottom lash lines with the pencil liner before applying white mascara on both your lashes — you can choose to add a frosty eyeshadow or leave your lids bare.
Full Face Paint
If you find yourself attending an event where face paint is considered a plus or you're just feeling creative, give this liquid white liner look a try. Create a few blended circles across your face with blush or eyeshadow and use the liner to draw a design of your choice on top of them.