A close-up view of a young woman wearing a white gold wedding ring
White Gold Jewelry Will Be Worth The Investment This Spring. Here's Why
Wedding Set
White gold is a fantastic choice for wedding and engagement rings. Being stronger and more durable than silver and significantly more damage-resistant than yellow gold makes white gold a preferred option for a piece of jewelry that needs to stand up to regular and intense wear.
Nose Stud
If you'd like to try something new, you can also pair the durable, sensible, and timelessly beautiful metal with an edgier design. For example, try a simple geometric white gold nose stud to achieve a look that's a tad bit different from traditional aesthetics.
A Choker
Chokers are back in style, and you too can live out your ultimate '90s-themed fashion fantasy by investing in an elevated dainty white gold choker necklace. Bonus points for charms, especially if they resemble a classier, more grown-up version of a butterfly hair clip.
Earring Groups
Curated groups of multiple ear piercings, also known as earring grouping, have become an incredibly popular jewelry trend in recent years. To step up your earring game, invest in a mixture of white gold studs, hoops, and fun shapes that represent you and your core aesthetic.
Stacked Rings
If you're someone who’s hesitant to jump on the bracelet stack bandwagon and prefers a more understated look, try stacking rings instead. While you can definitely and elegantly stick with a white gold theme, mixing metals to add extra visual interest is a great option too.