Young relaxed woman in white bathrobe filing her fingernails while sitting on bed and taking care of her hands and body in the morning
Why A Soft Nail Board May Be More Beneficial For Your Nails
Typically, the go-to tool for filing nails is a cardboard emery board, but according to dermatologist Dr. Dana Stern, "Cardboard emery boards can create microscopic openings at the tip of the nail that lead to splits, breakage, and poor growth." Thankfully, there are plenty of better nail file options, including soft nail board files.
Soft nail boards like glass nail files are easy to clean, long lasting, and won’t damage your nails, while nail files like cushion nail boards provide an extra layer of softness to limit the damage a nail file could cause. Glass files can also be cleaned and reused, so you don’t have to worry about contamination or constantly repurchasing files.
Regardless of what nail file you use, never file your nails back and forth; instead, swipe the file along the nail one or two times in one continuous motion in the same direction before moving on to the next side. Additionally, while it’s tempting to wet your nails before filing them, dry nails will deliver better and healthier results.