Relaxing pink manicure and pedicure with a orchid flower
Why Do Pedicures Tend To Last Longer Than Manicures?
Treating yourself to a mani-pedi feels like heaven until your fingernails start to chip after only a few days, while the polish on your toes seems to last forever. Sure, we use our hands more than our feet, and yes, there are ways to prevent the polish from wearing off, but why do our pedicures tend to last longer than manicures?
When you're constantly washing your hands throughout the day, your manicure is more prone to chipping than your pedicure. Water and oil can break down the chemical bonds in nail polish, causing it to crack or peel off, and if you use a lot of oil-based products in your skincare routine, your manicure is going to chip even faster.
Even with a base and top coat, water can penetrate the underside of the nail, which does as much damage as it would without the protective coatings, and when you have dry cuticles, your polish is also prone to chipping. Basically, manicures require more upkeep, and have more exposure to factors that will take the polish off fingernails quicker than your toes.