Reflection of a woman popping a pimple in the mirror
Why It's So Important To Wash Your Face Post-Pimple Popping
Popping your own pimples, while satisfying, can lead to scars and can push acne-causing bacteria further down your pores. It can lead to skin infections and even larger bumps or scarring, however, you can try following clean habits to prevent further damage.
Like any open wound, you’ll want to cleanse the affected area to avoid the spread of bacteria. Popping pimples can cause swelling, redness, and irritation so it is best to wash your face with cool water and avoid harsh cleansers as they will further irritate your skin.
Additionally, you must thoroughly clean the area you plan to pop and sanitize your hands or sterilize any acne tool you plan to use with alcohol before squeezing. Keep in mind that dermatologists do not recommend popping pimples as they could cause further damage to your skin.