Black and white photo of woman in black dress and pantyhose sitting in front of door
Why Pantyhose Became A Fashion Relic
The History of Pantyhose
Pantyhose were invented in 1953 by Allen E. Gant, who wanted to help his pregnant wife (who couldn’t wear girdles anymore) look appropriate in public without forgoing comfort. The world's first pantyhose hit the shelves in 1959 and became a womenswear staple by the mid-'60s.
Falling Out Of Favor
Pantyhose can feel constricting as they cling to your legs, are easy to rip, and have a tendency to make your heels slip out of the back of your pumps. In the end, wearing pantyhose is wholly inconvenient and no match for the comfort of nude legs.
How To Style Pantyhose
It’s always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed for a formal occasion and any nude pattern-free pantyhose will do the trick. Both opaque and sheer pantyhose offer decent coverage for your legs, hide imperfections, and can be worn with a variety of shoes, especially pumps, boots, or flats.
Embracing Naked Legs
If pantyhose cramp your style, try using a self-tanner or a type of liquid body makeup to help you mask minor imperfections and achieve immaculate, sexy legs in a spritz. If you prefer having hairless legs, consider going for laser hair removal, which is a more lasting solution than shaving or waxing.