Why Retinol And Peptides Are Better Together
In skincare, some products are meant to be used together, like retinol and peptides, which work together to give you the skin of your dreams. Retinol helps combat signs of aging, and when it’s used with peptides, your skin receives an even bigger boost of benefits from both.
Similar to retinol, peptides contain anti-aging properties, help boost collagen, and promote skin elasticity. However, retinoids often cause dry, red, or irritated skin, but combining them with peptides helps build and hold moisture, which can keep these side effects at bay.
Fleur & Bee advises to apply the strongest ingredients first so they may fully absorb into the skin — massage the retinol into your skin, then apply a layer of peptide cream or serum on top to trap moisture and boost collagen production. While using retinol, make sure to wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every morning.