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Why Shaving Your Eyebrows Off May Not Be The Best Choice
Shaving off your eyebrows gives you the option of seeing that area of your face as a blank canvas for creativity, but it will also change your entire look. While it’s safe to shave your eyebrows with care and the proper tools, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a healthy choice, or even the right one, for you.
Board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara says, "[Eyebrows provide] protection from sweat [as] the direction of eyebrow hairs guides sweat and moisture away from the eyes. And they keep debris from falling in the eye socket." They are a key factor in how we express emotions, too, and removing them may simply erase a unique aspect of your look.
If you’re still determined to shave off your eyebrows, be prepared that they may come back as a rough stubble, if they grow back at all. Per dermatologist Meena Singh, MD, your eyebrows “can start to regrow in two to three weeks, but it will take two to three months before they are fully regrown,” while brow expert Sania Vucetaj says it “can take up to a year.”