A man sits nervously next to woman who is giving a mischievous look to the camera
Why The 'Goblin Mode' Dating Strategy Is Such A Success
Goblin mode is a dating strategy where you go into every first date 100% yourself and do so unapologetically. It’s a strategy worth embracing not only because putting yourself out there from the get-go can be freeing and invigorating, but it also gives your date the chance to go full-throttle goblin, too.
Your date is going to discover your inner weirdo eventually so going full goblin is a great way to find out if you two are compatible without drudging through a months-long courtship chock full of pretending. When we offer ourselves up without masks we invite kindred spirits into our worlds.
The first step to pulling off goblin mode effectively is putting all societal cares away. Add a "take it or leave it" profile description to your dating profile, when you match ditch the small talk for unique and interesting questions, and show up for the first date as your true self, warts and all.
If your date doesn't like it, then they can find someone who has yet to discover the beauty of goblin mode. It's their loss, not yours. However, if they embrace your goblin, you may have just found "the one."