Portrait of a young woman with wrinkles on his forehead on gray background.
Why The Skin On Your Forehead May Be Flaking
Flaky skin is annoying anywhere you get it, but it’s especially nerve-wracking when you have it on your face. A lack or excess of moisture is a possible reason for flaky skin, but the most common causes of flaky skin on the forehead include certain skin conditions, acne, and allergic reactions.
Seborrheic dermatitis, or 'cradle cap', is a common condition that causes dry and flaky skin. The condition isn’t contagious, but you are more vulnerable to developing it if you have certain health issues, such as a neurological disease, a congenital disorder, or depression, or if you take certain medications.
Other causes of a flaky forehead include pomade acne, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. Any of these conditions can cause acne, patchy skin, itchiness, and flaky skin, but if you suspect that you have one of them, you should talk to a skincare professional for an accurate diagnosis.