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Why The Viral 'Cricket Feet' Motion Helps You Fall Asleep
"Cricket feet," a term popularized by TikTok, is a pre-sleep habit where you rub your feet together, kind of like how crickets rub their wings together to make a chirping sound.
Psychotherapist Michelle Di Paolo told Sleepopolis that "cricket feet" could be "a form of stimming," adding that it has a similar effect to rubbing your hands together.
Cricketing can mimic the benefits of a good massage. When you rub your toes together, you stimulate two pressure points that can help you chill out.
Clinical psychologist, Dr. Lauren Kerwin, told Well + Good, “repetitive motions can stimulate the release of feel-good neurotransmitters [like oxytocin] and endorphins.”
Kerwin adds, "Those who cricket while they fall asleep, which is common, do so often to improve their sensory processing of their body lying down."
Compulsive cricketing could also indicate anxiety or another mental health condition. If that's the case, you'll notice other symptoms, like emotional and behavioral changes.
Cricket feet could also be caused by a physical health condition, like restless leg syndrome. It's worth mentioning it to your doctor to rule out an underlying medical issue.