Woman applying mascara to her eyelashes
Why TikTok Wants You To Add Setting Powder To Your Mascara
A new TikTok beauty hack suggests adding setting powder to your mascara to extend its longevity, prevent flaking and smearing, and give your lashes extra volume. However, while it might be a clever trick, you might want to consider one small adjustment before trying it.
First, dip your mascara wand in the setting powder until it’s fully coated, then, pop it back into the tube and apply the mixture to your lashes. If you’re worried this might gunk up the mascara inside the tube, apply a coat of mascara before applying the setting powder then add a second coat.
However, beauty expert Susan Yara warns this hack can ruin your mascara’s formula. Instead, she suggests closing your eye and using a “fluffy eyeshadow brush” to “dust your lashes” before applying the mascara to lessen powder transfer to the tube.