Why Warming Up Before Your Workout Is
So Vital
While some may say that warm-ups are not vital for your exercise, they can play a major role in ensuring you are ready to hit your workout goals. Getting a good, efficient warm-up is not complicated and doesn't need to take up much of your exercise time.
If you want a successful fitness journey, warming up will increase your body temperature, which sends more oxygen to your muscles and allows them to work more efficiently. Warm-ups also help prevent injuries because stretching boosts muscle elasticity, and you’ll be mentally prepared for your workouts.
A proper warm-up is only about 10 minutes and you want to mimic some of the exercises you plan on doing but at a lower intensity. Incorporate dynamic stretches that target the area you plan to work on, and depending on how your body is feeling, you may need a longer warm-up to start your workout with more ease.