Young woman blowing her nose.
Why You May Not Want To Use Hair Gel During Allergy Season
Products like gel and mousse can leave a sticky residue on the hair, allowing pollen to latch on and stay put, which can result in scalp irritation and other allergy symptoms.
If you don’t rinse your hair at the end of the day to eliminate the pollen, all of the pollen on your locks will transfer to your pillow and bed, inevitably affecting your body.
Try using a hair gel that's more allergy-friendly and free of harsh chemicals to reduce inflammation due to pollen, and swap out dense products for something more lightweight.
If pollen levels are high in your area, wear a scarf, a baseball cap, or a hat when you are going out and tie your hair back away from the face to prevent irritation.
Rinse your hair at the end of the day, even if it’s just with water, after using hair gel. If you are too busy to wash your hair, give it a good shake to dislodge the pollen.
Remember to never re-use the same hair coverings twice without washing them, and make sure to give your pets a good bath before cuddling — their fur gathers a lot of pollen, too.