Woman in a champagne-colored sparkly dress leaning against a wall
Why You May Not Want To Wear Anything Too Sparkly As A Wedding Guest
It would be considered somewhat inappropriate to wear a very sparkly outfit to a wedding as it can detract from the couple’s special day, but there are some stunning alternatives.
Florals evoke a sense of festivity, so they’re a great choice for weddings. You can go for a traditional print, lace florals, abstract or 3D florals, or a monochromatic look.
Try rich shades for a dramatic look that doesn’t outshine the wedding couple. Just avoid red, as it attracts a lot of attention and is a bit too assertive for a wedding.
Adding detail through accessories or focusing on the form of your clothes are subtler ways to make a statement. Weddings are fun events, so it’s okay to take your outfit up a notch.