hand reaching out of bed to turn off alarm clock
Why You May Want To Think Twice About Hitting The Snooze Button
By Glam Staff
If you struggle to wake up early, you’re probably no stranger to the snooze button, but always hitting snooze on your alarm may be harming your mental capacity during the day.
Chronically hitting the snooze button can harm your alertness, making you less productive and more groggy. Since you have less energy, your physical activity
also decreases.
Medical director of two Sleep Disorders Centers, Robert S. Rosenberg, said when you hit snooze “you're fragmenting what little extra sleep you're getting so it is of poor quality.”
However, experts note that the underlying culprit behind grogginess and alertness is actually people not going to bed early enough, and practicing poor sleep hygiene before bed.
Hitting snooze is a symptom of grogginess, so to combat this try to create a consistent sleep schedule, and employ relaxation techniques and reduce screen-time before bed.