Why You Should Always Ask About Potential Growth In A
Job Interview
No matter what your professional aspirations are, you need to ensure you’re accepting job opportunities that can help you reach your goals and your full potential. Therefore, it is imperative that during the interview process, you ask questions about the potential for growth and career advancement.
You should not hesitate to ask your interviewer about how you can grow in a role, as this will not only show that you are serious about the position, but that you are someone who wants to become a leader in your field. An interview isn’t just about what you can offer the company, but what the company can offer you.
It is helpful to ask about what programs the company offers for career development, what qualifications one needs for advancement opportunities, potential mentorship, and additional training. If the interviewer cannot give you clear answers or the role does not seem like it would benefit you in the long run, it may be a good idea to search elsewhere.