Why You Should Be Using Dry Shampoo Before Bed
Dry shampoo helps your hair look like it’s been freshly washed because of the alcohol and starch in the product that soaks up excess oil and grease. Although using dry shampoo is a quick way to delay washing your hair, applying it right before bed is the best choice.
It’s true that dry shampoo will make a huge difference, but for it to reach its full potential, try applying it before bed. By using it at night, you’re giving the dry shampoo enough time to absorb all the oil, grease, and sweat, so by the time you wake up, you’re ready to style your hair and get your day going.
Using dry shampoo at night is a little different than if you would use it during the day because all you need to do is apply it to the areas you need and go straight to bed. You don’t need to rub it in or brush it out until morning when you’re ready to style it.