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Why You Should Implement Affirmations Into Your Self-Care Routine
A lot of people have started using the power of positive thinking and affirmations to combat societal pressures and impossible ideals. Affirmations are worth trying out, as the Annual Review of Psychology says they provide a powerful, long-lasting notion of the self which stimulates positivity.
Affirmations are written in the present tense, and the idea is that by repeatedly saying or writing down your affirmations, you slowly begin to reprogram the subconscious, allowing you to truly believe your affirmations. Unfortunately, many people suffer from low self-esteem, so telling yourself you’re “smart” and “loved” will improve your mood.
Reaffirming phrases like “I am beautiful” and “I am powerful” encourages positivity, and it acts as a self-defense tool against the harsh outside world. The first step to implementing affirmations is to brainstorm qualities you’d like to enhance or things you believe you deserve; remember to always be kind to yourself.