Young woman shaving her leg (Photo by Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Why You Tend To Get Ingrown Hairs In Specific Parts Of Your Body
Ingrown hairs are characterized by inflamed bumps and blisters in which strands of hair grow back into your skin and stay trapped under the skin surface. They are usually found on the skin of anyone who waxes, tweezes, or shaves their hair often.
Ingrown hairs commonly show up on the face, neck, legs, armpits, back, and pubic area, or any area where there's been a hair removal by means of shaving or waxing. The hair will grow back sharper and blunter than normal and in a curled direction that can push back into the skin. Your body then treats the hair as a foreign invader, causing swelling and redness.
To treat and prevent the growth of ingrown hairs, use products with gentle acids — such as glycolic acid — to exfoliate the area and keep the follicle open. To prevent ingrown hairs long-term, ditching waxing and shaving for a more permanent hair removal method is a good shout.