A vertical closeup shot of fingers with a trendy chrome gel nail polish.
Why You'll Want To Rock The Chromatic Pearl Nail Manicure This Summer
Classic Chromatic Pearl
Chromatic pearl nails are a modern version of pearl nails popular in the ‘80s. They’re like having a mini pastel rainbow on your fingers that glimmers as you move them.
Add Nail Art
To draw attention to your nails and express yourself, add gems and other types of nail art to your manicure. This can be a painted design or the addition of rhinestones.
French Nails
To take sophistication to the next level, combine chromatic pearl nails with a French manicure. You can opt for a classic white French manicure, or add a touch of color.
Mix Up The Color Scheme
Painting each nail a different color creates a trendy, unexpected look. For variation, opt for a French manicure on some nails and use the same chromatic pearl tint on them all.
Darker Base Color
Try other saturated hues like pink or blue for a slightly more opaque finish while maintaining the iridescent and metallic appearance characteristic of the classic chromatic pearl.