Winter Accessories That Are Outdated This Season
Ankle Boots
Designers are focusing more on knee-high boots than ankle boots due to popular demand. Knee-high riding boots are the preppy staple this winter and it screams “old money,” “dark academia,” and “plazacore.”
Black Bags
White bags are just as classy as black bags, and they also go with nearly any outfit. They add a more luxurious feel and an element of surprise; brands like Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Simon Miller are all incorporating white bags into their collection.
Hats are essential in the winter months, but ditch the beanie and go for a cuter, trendier accessory like the shearling bucket hat. This hat combines a ‘90s summer hat with a staple winter fabric, and it’s a super fun and popular hat that designers love, including Dior.
Earmuffs cover only the ears, so if you really want to keep warm, opt for a balaclava that covers the whole head and face, minus the eyes. The hat is often worn today as a layering piece for those skiing or working in extreme conditions, but celebrities like Bella Hadid also rock this look.
Trade your mittens in for an edgy pair of Y2K arm warmers, because not only is it super cute, but they’re also very practical. You can wear arm warmers with a baby tee and still be warm; celebrities like Dua Lipa love this look.