A couple sitting down with woman putting her arms around her partner
Yellow Flags: The Relationship Signs You Need To Spot Sooner Than Later
They Make All The Decisions
You should feel comfortable talking, venting, and choosing what you guys do, whether that’s picking a movie to watch or finding restaurants to eat at. Relationships need balance and compromises, so if it seems like one person is making all the other decisions, this lets you know that the relationship is not a 50/50 balance.
Lacks A Sense Of Self
If your partner lacks a confident sense of self, it could be a yellow flag because they might adopt traits, values, and beliefs of their partner. They may start to rely on their partner for social and emotional support, so it’s important for your partner to be confident in their own values, morals, beliefs, likes, and dislikes.
Judgements & Assumptions
If your partner always makes judgments about you or assumptions about the relationship without first communicating with you, this is a yellow flag. Relationships require open communication, but if your partner always misinterprets your actions without seeking clarification, they may not have the skills to communicate maturely.
Rare /Nonexistent Apologies
A supportive partner will acknowledge their wrongdoings and apologize, but if they never admit their faults and refuse to apologize, this is a yellow flag. Apologizing shows your partner that you’re committed to the relationship and that you want to rebuild trust and reinforce the core values of your relationship.
Exes Are Blamed & Vilified
While maintaining healthy contact with exes isn’t necessarily a warning sign, it is a yellow flag when your partner talks poorly about their ex. Your partner can reveal a lot about their character by how they talk about the people in their life, so if they call an ex “crazy” this is toxic and is a term rooted in misogyny, sexism, and ableism.