woman in yoga pose with her eyes closed
Yes, Meditation Can Actually Help Calm Your Pre-
Date Nerves
Nothing riles up the nerves quite like a first date; however, meditation can not only help soothe your nerves but can also put you more closely in touch with your true self, in a way that you’ll be able to approach your date from a more authentic place. The first step towards calmness is figuring out the right type of meditation for you.
Guided meditations and visualization can be great for nerve-wracking events. You can either, on your own, visualize how you'd like the date to go while imagining yourself in a positive, calm state of being, no matter how the date unfolds, or play a guided meditation from an app to help ease you into positive visualization.
Affirmations, journaling, prayer, body scans, meditative walks, and breathwork could all also be beneficial avenues to become more aligned before putting yourself out there. You can even choose a mantra like "I trust my instincts" or "I'm enjoyable to be around," that you intuitively feel will reel your nerves in and center your mind.
Mantras, repeated words or sounds used to aid in focus, are great, subtle tools to pull out if butterflies set in during your date. You could also opt to carry a small crystal in your pocket or bring an essential oil roller, if aromatherapy tends to be grounding for you, to stay tethered to yourself when dealing with nerves.