Yes, You Can Still Save Your Clumpy Mascara. Here's How
Mascara is a must-have product, but sadly it doesn’t last long and before you know it, it’s clumpy and dry — sometimes, even brand-new mascara can have this problem. Instead of getting frustrated and throwing out the tube, try this simple trick that will help you hold onto your mascara for a little while longer.
Contact solution is the key to reviving dry and clumpy mascara since it adds moisture to the product without changing the formula. It's important to note that this hack is meant to be used on mascara that has yet to expire, so if the mascara has been around for longer than three months, it's best to just get rid of it.
Add two to three drops of contact solution to the mascara and shake to allow the solution to coat the formula, then place the mascara into hot water for a few minutes to mix it further. Once the tube has fully soaked, take it out of the water, shake the tube one more time, and apply the mascara. It should be good as new!