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Your Guide To A Successful Dry January Without Regrets
If you're refraining from all things boozy for Dry January, you're likely eager to reap the health benefits, like improved sleep and memory, but might fear you'll miss out on fun.
It can be comforting to face a challenge with a friend. Finding a buddy who will also be weathering Dry January can help take your mind off of drinking and not feel left out.
Having an answer prepared if someone asks why you're not drinking can make you feel more confident and comfortable. Standing firm in your decision can be self-empowering.
If those questioning push past straightforward answers, they may simply not be people you want to associate with anymore. After all, your boundaries should be respected.
It's an unfortunate truth, but you may have less prying questions if you have a drink in your hand. There are many mocktail options available beyond just soda or water.
If your usual social events aren't as fun as you'd like, forego a few and focus on a social, booze-free hobby instead. Chances are you'll meet new, like-minded people.
Apps like Try Dry can keep you motivated with consumption tracking, how much money you've saved by abstaining, and how many calories you've avoided by letting alcohol go.