Galaxy with planets and asteroids
Your Guide To Asteroids In Astrology
Asteroids In Astrology
Major planets are connected to our astrology signs, but asteroids — minor planets included — can give us more details on things like our relationships and emotions.
The more you understand the different aspects of these asteroids, the more you'll understand the struggles and successes you've had in life that have made you who you are.
Find Your Asteroid
The one way to find out which asteroids were where at your time of birth is through a natal chart reading, but since there are thousands of them, not all of them will show up.
If you’ve already done some research into your chart, we’ve delved a little deeper because the more well-rounded your natal chart, the more you can know about who you are.
Chiron is based on the Titan centaur and is a big deal in astrology. The placement will tell you what you need to focus on regarding healing old wounds and past trauma.
Depending on which house your Chiron falls into, you can learn to find forgiveness for yourself and develop more empathy, not only for yourself but for other people in your life.
In astrology, Vesta tells you exactly what is most important to us. Vesta was a virgin goddess — the goddess of the hearth and home — whole unto herself.
Depending on which sign Vesta falls into on your chart, this asteroid tells you where your focus lies. Look to this as a place to offer you more drive in fulfilling your dreams.
Juno was a Roman goddess who fought for more equality for women and is often linked to marriage — which is why June is such a popular month to get married.
Juno in your natal chart indicates your relationship desires, like why you get into them and what you need from them, and it’s different for each zodiac sign.