Your Guide To Baby Botox
It’s More Natural Looking
“I think the trend within the aesthetics industry has shifted towards a more natural look,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Ashwin Soni, “[...] ‘baby Botox’ is the way I do Botox in most patients, depending on their aesthetic goals.” Baby Botox is a great alternative to the extreme Hollywood look that will leave you looking and feeling a little less plastic.
It Has Fewer Side Effects
Side effects of Botox include pain around the injection site, burning and tearing of the eyes, flu-like symptoms, drooping eyelids or eyebrows, and even a crooked smile that can lead to drooling. With baby Botox, since the dose is so much lower, the possibility and extent of side effects are decreased.
It’s Best For Younger Patients
According to dermatologist Jennifer Chwalek, MD, “[baby Botox] works best for younger patients, or patients who have less defined/etched lines.” Although people can get Botox once they’re 18, most experts agree that if it’s to be used for preventative measures, it’s better to start in your late 20s or early 30s.
You Can Still Move Your Face
Botox numbs the muscles to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, but when it’s overdone, lack of facial movement can give the appearance of a lifeless face. Since baby Botox injects smaller doses, it is a great solution if you want to prevent wrinkles while still being able to show your emotions.
It Keeps New Wrinkles Away
One of the best things about baby Botox is that it can prevent wrinkles from appearing. Although laugh lines and crow’s feet can have their charm, they can take a toll on the face over time, so baby Botox is especially geared toward younger patients to help them stop impending wrinkles.