A woman with pale skin tone and a woman with dark skin tone with flawless makeup
Your Guide To Choosing The Right Highlighter For You
Make Sure You’re Highlighting Correctly
Highlighter is not a one-size-fits-all option; the shade and undertone of your highlighter matter. It is also important to consider the effect you want to achieve.
Consider The Areas You're Targeting
To add shimmer to your brow bone, chin, and neck, buy a more subtle, skin-colored highlight. To achieve the body glitter trend, add glittery highlighter to your arms and chest.
To add extra dimension and brightness to your face, consider which shade and formula of highlighter will suit the inner corners and lower eyelid areas of your eyes.
Pick The Right Formula
Highlighter varieties include palette, compact powder, loose pigment, liquid in dropper bottles, solid foundation-style creme sticks and clear highlighter in lip-gloss-style tubes.
If you're concerned about accidentally exaggerating dry skin or prominent pores chose a liquid highlighter. If want to avoid looking overly oily, chose a powder-based highlighter.
Sheer vs. Intense
For a smoother, more subtle look, choose a highlighter that's only one or more shades lighter than your actual skin tone, and apply it gently with a brush or sponge.
Alternatively, try a colored or glitter-based highlight applied with a thicker brush for a more intense, nighttime highlight.
Highlighting Pale To Lighter Skin
The best shade to brighten rosy tones is usually a highlighter with a pink to lilac undertone. Silver, pink, and rose gold are also recommended for a natural peachy warmth.
If you are still unsure, try dusting the highlight lightly on your upper cheekbones and checking the pigments' visibility in natural light before purchasing.
Highlighting Medium To Dark Skin
For darker and olive skin, you should stick to golden undertones and warm bronze shades rather than whites and pastel pinks.
If you're struggling to make a decision on the actual pigment of the highlighter you buy, go for medium champagne to deeper peach colors.