Your Guide To Mastering Minimalist Dressing
Stick To Your Neutrals
A key aspect when it comes to minimalist dressing is the color palette. Neutral colors — such as black, white, beige, grey, and even some browns and blues — can act as a base for your looks, whether you want to add a pop of color or not.
Build Up Your Basics
Basics are simple pieces you layer or wear on their own for an ultra-sleek minimalist look, and can include denim jeans, blazers, white tees, cardigans, and button-downs. These items can be easily paired with any piece, and since you will be wearing them for a long time, it’s imperative to ensure they are items you truly love.
Accessories can help you add a pop of color or statement to an outfit. Senreve recommends considering the balance of proportions between your accessories and your clothing, and since the idea of minimalist dressing is to keep your look simple, make sure your accessories enhance the look instead of distracting from it.
Tailored Pieces Are A Must
One important aspect to bring to your minimalist wardrobe is tailored pieces like trousers and structured blazers, which will add a streamlined touch to your look. To achieve this, you’ll want to ensure that the fit is perfect and the correct length, so a good tailor is a must.
Don’t Overcomplicate It
The best tip for minimalist dressing is not to overcomplicate it, and to focus on pieces’ practicality and how they will fit into your everyday life. Style Considered adds that the best way to avoid overthinking your minimalist wardrobe is to get rid of anything that simply doesn’t serve you anymore.