woman receiving micro coring treatment
Your Guide To Micro-Coring
What Is Micro-Coring?
Micro-coring is a cosmetic technique that can give you tighter and firmer skin by creating microscope punches in the skin with a small-gauge, energy-free needling instrument.
The inflammation and recovery reaction from the trauma leads to the production of collagen in the skin. Micro-coring's efficacy and safety in treating facial wrinkles is proven.
What To Expect
People 40 and older with mild to moderate skin laxity are great candidates, while those with thick or thin skin, or who have a history of hyperpigmentation should tread carefully.
After receiving anesthetics, the procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and can cause side effects like swelling and bleeding. Afterwards you should refrain from wearing makeup.
Surgical Face-Lift Vs Micro-Coring
Micro-coring offers minimal scarring, and the results look more natural than surgical procedures. Micro-coring is also unique because it stimulates collagen production.
While surgical facelifts can create more dramatic results for people with excessive laxity, micro-coring may be an ideal preventative anti-aging treatment for younger patients.