A woman with her hair sleeked back wearing monochromatic makeup
Your Guide To Monochromatic Makeup: How To Make Almost Any Color Work
By Jelena Aska
Going for earth tones for your lips, cheeks, and eyes is the perfect introduction to mastering the art of monochromatic makeup, and you already have those in your makeup bag.
Match the color of your lips and eyes, playing with finishes like mattes and sparkles. Use nudes or whites to create dimension and depth if your base shade is vibrant.
Hint Of Coral
An alternative way to explore the monochromatic trend is to match your lip color with your blush. Coral is a timeless and universally complementary choice.
Multi-Purpose Products
While a precise color match isn't always essential, using creamy sticks or the same palette on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids gives an undeniably cool effect.
Matching Pairs
Whether it's your cheeks and lips or lips and eyes, matching two distinct areas of your face creates a fun, harmonious effect, regardless of how bold or toned down.