woman receiving powder brow treatment
Your Guide To Powder Brows
You’ll Spend Less Time On Your Makeup
Powder brows are semi-permanent, so they’ll help you save time while undergoing your regular beauty routine since you can entirely skip the brow-filling stage.
They Give A Natural Look
If done right, powder brows look very natural. Your brow artist will follow the natural shape of your brows, creating a look as though you have already filled them in.
While you can't see specific strands like with a microblading technique, it will still give you a fuller look overall — just make sure you go to a reputable provider.
They Last Longer Than Microblading
Powder brows can last up to two years longer than microblading, which makes this procedure a good value for the money compared to similar treatments that may not endure as long.
They are semi-permanent, so they will eventually fade away, and if you understandably don't want to wait for a couple of years, you can always have them professionally removed.
The Pain Should Be Minimal
You should experience minimal pain while receiving this treatment, despite the use of a tattoo needle. This is thanks to the numbing cream, which helps to minimize discomfort.
It is important to note that different people will have different pain tolerances. If you have any pain concerns, it's always best to ask the person doing your brows.
They Are A Good Option For Oily Skin
Since there is more pigment with the semi-permanent powder brows, it allows them to hold up better against your skin's oil glands over a more extended period.
The pigment is also inserted deeper into the skin, which makes it more challenging for the oil glands to remove. This is why powder brows are favored by those with oily skin.