smiling girl in bikini and floral shirt in the woods
Your Guide To The Coconut Girl Aesthetic
Find A Floral Skirt
Look for florals that utilize multicolored flowers with their petals out on full display. If you can picture middle school you wearing it, there's a good bet it's coconut-girl chic!
Make Friendship Bracelets
Woven and beaded friendship bracelets are back, and you don't just have to wear them as bracelets. Wrap them around your ankles or even make an extra long one to wear as a choker.
Wear Y2K Patterns
For the perfect bathing suit beach pic, deck yourself out in fun Y2K patterns. Bright Hawaiian flowers and multicolored animal prints are the way to go here.
Bring Back Halter Tops
We love a halter top because it offers more security and support than other bikini top styles. It's also very coconut girl — for best results, choose something bold and bright.
Try Open Knit Crochet Tops
Look for a loosely-knit crochet top that’s cropped and bright. Find one with long sleeves if you think you'll need extra coverage, or get an open crochet vest for summer days.