Your Guide To The Different Types Of Divorce
No-Fault Divorce
A no-fault divorce occurs when no single person is asked to be identified as the one at fault for the initiation of the divorce, which indicates that no marital misconduct on the part of either spouse was undertaken. This allows the couple to separate without declaring wrongdoing by the other person.
Uncontested Divorce
In this divorce, both parties are in agreement that the divorce should take place and neither one is making an argument against the other for assets or filing for any other type of action. This typically doesn’t require the assistance of attorneys so you end up saving money and getting through the divorce process much faster.
Simplified Divorce
The fastest method to finalize a divorce is a simplified divorce which is quickly processed through the court system within a month from the initial filing. This type of divorce is often pursued by couples who haven’t been married for a long period of time, and unlike an annulment, a simplified divorce is only a legal dissolution of a marriage.
Limited Divorces
During the period of a limited divorce or a legal separation, the court system will oversee the couple's separation and the respective matters at hand that need to be resolved. If there are unresolved matters in your marriage, particularly regarding finances or children, then a limited divorce may be a good route leading up to a full divorce down the line.