brow technician drawing outlines on client's brows
Your Guide To The Ombré Brows Trend
1. What Are Ombré Brows?
Ombré brows are a technique where a fine needle tattoos fine dots along your eyebrow, creating a dark tail that gradually gets lighter leading to the front of the eyebrow.
This semi-permanent procedure can last between two to five years depending on your lifestyle and skin type, with touch-ups recommended annually for
optimal results.
2. How To Prep For Ombré Brows
Avoid taking blood thinners before your procedure, including alcohol, pain relievers, and Botox, as they can cause heavier bleeding and poor pigment retention.
It is also advised you refrain from taking fish oil and vitamin E supplements a week before the procedure to prevent your skin from becoming compromised during the process.
3. What To Keep In Mind Before Ombré Brows
Those who have very sparse or thin brows will not get the full benefit of this procedure, and should opt for powder brows instead to get a look that's similar, but more flattering.
Celebrity brow specialist Allie Yamaguchi warns that “sun exposure or bad pigment selection” can cause color changes, so make sure you research the establishment
and esthetician.
4. Aftercare
Individuals should avoid getting their eyebrows wet for at least 10 days after the procedure. This includes going into the shower, excessive sweating, or even wearing makeup.
You may experience scabbing for the first few days, which can be fixed with an antibacterial ointment. It’s also important to get a touch up two to three weeks after
the procedure.