Woman with concealer dots under her eye
Your Guide To The Ombré Concealer Technique
Made famous by TikTok beauty creator @klaudiasyd, the ombré under-eye technique merges concealer and liquid blush to provide a radiant, youthful glow.
Once you’ve finished your base (primer, foundation, contour), eyes, and brows, select the shades of concealer and blush you’ll work with.
Since "ombré" refers to a gradual gradient, choose a concealer about two to three shades lighter than your skin tone for the inner eye and another that’s one to two shades lighter.
Pick liquid blushes that are two colors in the same shade range, with one lighter than the other. Pair a soft pink with a fuschia blush or a light orange blush with a deeper coral.
Dot the lightest concealer in the inner corner and the second concealer next to it. Center the paler blush under your eye and the darker blush under the outer corner.
Use a dense, fluffy concealer brush to blend the lightest dot on your inner corner first and repeat with the other shades, working vertically on each spot before moving to the next.
If your other dots dry before you get to them, apply setting spray on your brush or under-eye area, then continue blending. Finish with some translucent setting powder.